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We   are   professionals  who  have    worked in different    links   of   the  supply  chain.


We facilitate the transportation of your cargo to or from where you need it, at a low cost.


ACL LOGISTICS is a 100% Peruvian dedicated logistics team, focused on international transportation...


ACL LOGISTICS - is a 100% Peruvian company dedicated to logistics, international transportation, and customs services. Our philosophy arises from the need of the importing and/or exporting community to have a logistics partner that can be trusted with the safety, feasibility, costs and time of your cargo.

In ACL LOGISTICS we understand the needs of our customers. All our employees have worked with various international trade operators, and are professionals that are both practical and theoretical experts in the International trade field. Due to this expertise we can anticipate your needs. Since our founding we have enjoyed the


trust of the national and international importing and exporting community. This trust allows us to provide an even better and more competitive service, increasing our management indicators and creating cycles of continuous improvement to take our services to a level that surpasses all your needs and expectations. In ACL LOGISTICS you will find personalized services of high quality, according to your requirements. We provide innovative technology tools which allow for an optimal solution and a better performance of your shipments. As a distinctly Peruvian company, we are committed to carrying forward the name of Peru offering a service with high standards of professionalism and competitiveness.



"Our mission is to contribute to the logistics development of the country, offering a value-added service and continuous improvement, innovating in technology systems that contribute to the success of the foreign trade operations of our customers"


"Our vision is to be globally competitive, developing a better infrastructure in strategic countries, expanding our operating platform to provide logistical support to our local customers, improving and adjusting to their needs without allowing business growth to let us neglect our customers and deviate from the excellent service we have always offered."